Have you ever had a disappointing first day at work?

I have.

And I’d like to share my experience.

I thought I was going to get booted out after my first day at work.

A full-time remote job with a marketing agency.

Robert and I were newly recruited for a technical support role.

We had truckloads of training videos to watch and other materials to study before our first onboarding session.

And we had a whole week to do that.

The expectations were high, so fear began to creep in.

I had never done a full-time remote job before then.

Building a successful freelance writing business isn’t hard. You only need to put certain things in place to achieve your goal.

If you’re a young and upcoming freelance writer, it’s certain that you’ll make lots of mistakes. The time freedom you enjoy could often be to your detriment if not properly managed.

As online entrepreneurs, we often get caught in the web of idleness when we’re not handling client jobs.

Especially when we work from home.

How’s that possible?

I’ll explain.

Now, look at this scenario.

You just got paid for a task you recently completed for a client.


Getting employees to be at their best isn’t as hard as people think it is. A lot of times, these employees want to be on top of their games but do not have what it takes. Given the right opportunity, they’ll produce stellar performances and become your shining stars.

If you’re struggling, right now, to get your employees to raise the bars and produce great results, don’t fret. All you basically have to do is take the following steps and you’ll get the desired results.

  1. Create a pathway for employee success.
  2. Keep your employees actively engaged.
  3. Improve workplace communication.


Adam (not real name) used to work in a technology company.




Everybody loved him.

He loved them too.

Being the easily bored person that he is, he wanted to try new opportunities.

He began to lose interest in his job.

He no longer enjoyed it as he used to.

For over a year, he contemplated resigning.

So he could start his own business.

He discussed with his colleague, who advised him to hang around a little longer.

But Adam felt that the longer he stayed in his job, the farther he gets from his dream.

Then one…

Are you experiencing poor sales conversion in your e-commerce business right now? You’re not alone. With multitudes of e-commerce stores being shut down on a daily basis, there’s a need to address the root cause of this problem.

In eCommerce, there’s nothing as important as being able to convert shoppers into paying customers. If you’re looking to increase your sales, you have to concentrate much effort on knowing and improving your Average Order Value (AOV).

Knowing how much is spent on each and every order will help plan the overall pricing & marketing strategies with the aim of improving your…

Have you ever wondered why people never seem to accomplish most of the things they wish to do?

How many times have you set out to perform certain tasks but found yourself leaving out a sizeable chunk of those tasks?

If this happens to you frequently, you would agree that it could be physically and emotionally draining.

But instead of blaming it on some external factors or just resigning to fate, you should try to find out the root causes. This will assist you to turn the situation around.

From experience, one of the chief causes of this ugly situation…


Before you label me a death monger, let me quickly mention that I actually hate seeing people die. That’s why I made this compilation. Actually, it should read 10 ways not to die…

People die every day — and we all will, someday. Again, we witness near-death experiences every day but in spite of this, people still haven’t learned how not to die. They actually drive themselves towards their inevitable ends.

The following are 10 self-inflicted death penalties people slam on themselves. …

The role effective customer support plays in business can never be over-emphasized. Apart from the fact that it brings about customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, it’s a great way to keep you ahead of the competition.

According to a customer service expert, when you cannot outspend your competitors, the solution is to out-support them. This is why many business owners invest heavily in customer service tools that would help them provide outstanding customer support.

Although, you need well-trained staff with good communication skills, you also need multipurpose customer support software like Trakdesk to complement their efforts. …

Teaching is one of the most important professions of all time. Many people enjoy teaching because it expands their horizon, and more importantly, helps them to create long-lasting impacts in many lives.

Interestingly, teaching kids brings about a whole new experience. However, it may involve a lot more stress compared to teaching adults simply because they need help and guidance to do almost everything. Their inability to express certain feelings also makes it a bit challenging.

But the fact that you’re building a solid foundation for future leaders gives you a sense of fulfilment and immeasurable joy. …

Image credit: welcome-center-germany.com

Speaking the German language fluently could be an uphill task for many non-native German speakers. And that’s because they can’t find an easy and effective way to learn the appropriate articles for each German words.

Typically, the der die das german articles are used for masculine, feminine and neutral genders respectively but learning to use these articles with thousands of words is where the problem lies. Interestingly, the only true way to learn gender of German words is to memorize articles along with the nouns.

If you’re one of such people who find it difficult learning these German articles, there’s…

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